NBA Star Donovan Mitchell Talks BodyArmor Partnership

Mié, enero 23rd, 2019

Last season, Utah Jazz rookie, Donovan Mitchell, took the league by storm with his mesmerizing dunks and innate scoring ability. He scorched opposing teams with a scoring average of 20.5 — leading all rookies — and helped propel the Jazz to the second round of the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

Though they were ousted by James Harden and the Houston Rockets, Mitchell received a bevy of gems from one of the game’s leading savants, Kobe Bryant. “It was in the middle of the playoff series and I finally mustered up the courage to ask him a bunch of questions about… his process from year one to year two, his expectations, what he saw in me and whatnot. We got to talking and talked a bunch of times [since] but that first time was very nerve-racking,” Mitchell tells Billboard.

Not only did Mitchell gain a ton of knowledge from the former Lakers virtuoso, he also joined forces with his basketball idol. Today, exclusively on Billboard, Mitchell announces his partnership with BodyArmor, a sports drink designed to help replenish the body of crucial vitamins and electrolytes.

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